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Welcome to the Highland Park Neighborhood Association’s
Virtual Scrapbook”.

For the latest items added to The Neighborhood Scrapbook, Use this Link

Tips & Tricks for Using this Site

  • You may use the SCRAPBOOK INDEX drop down box at near right to select a Index Category.  When you do this, you will get a list of pages that were indexed within the category as they were added to the Scrapbook.
  • Use the SEARCH function at near right to generate a list of Scrapbook Pages that contain a Keyword or Search term of your choice.   (Please note that scanned articles and items may not always show up unless Keywords were assigned.   That is because some of the older items are stored as pictures not as text)
  • The RECENTLY ADDED column at near right displays  titles of the last fifteen entries added to this Scrapbook and clicking on any of those titles will take  you to the individual pages
  • The Latest Additions Link will also display the last twenty items that were added – In this case All of these will be shown on the same page with more recent item at top.
  • At far right, the NEIGHBORHOOD LINKS will take you to other pages maintained by the Highland Park Neighborhood Association such as our Neighborhood Association’s main site’s home page and our news and event blog.
  • The NOTEWORTHY ARTICLES section contains introductory pages and other important entries, including some overviews and articles taken from our newsletters
  • Under the ARCHIVES section at far right, are links to Scrapbook Pages arranged according to the month and that each was added here.  You may find that the SCRAPBOOK INDEX categories (mentioned above) serves as a more useful index to different topics.
  • Information here is added in the form of posts and pages which are quite similar.  While posts  are dated and can be looked up via the month by month archives and category indices,  pages are  used for special features and articles.  Don’t worry if you can’t tell the difference, most pages are introduced by a using a dated post…you can always get there from here.
      Please enjoy browsing these pages and if you have any questions or comments you may contact us either by using the comment forms here or by emailing us at

This  collection and these pages are maintained by volunteers.   If you wish to discuss  participation  in the creation of site content, please contact us at


All pages are Copyright © 2009-2011
as well as by the original submitters. Other Restrictions of Use may apply.

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