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How to Contribute to This Scrapbook Tell a Story.
Scan a Picture.
Send a Memory.
or even Join the Team

Our Virtual Scrapbook is on-going effort by volunteers from the Highland Park Neighborhood Association with contributions from present and former Neighborhood residents or other friends. Some of the historical information is the result of extensive research. But much of the material is based on  recollections and opinions directly contributed by residents. You will find hand-written pages among the entries here…nothing is too old or too new when it comes to building a snapshot of our neighborhood across time.

The easiest way to contribute is to send your stories,  photos and scanned memories to with “For the Virtual Scrapbook” in the subject header.

Or to make arrangements to contribute an Oral History or some item or story that you need our help to turn into an electronic image  then you may call us at 585-473-0026  and ask for Michael or Marcia.  We can help scan your originals by appointment.  To understand more on the type of items we are seeking about the neighborhood and Highland Park itself, please read this invitation orignally sent as an e-mail in February 2009.

This site uses WordPress, which is a type of blog application.   If you are interested in becoming one of our volunteer correspondents and submit pages directly,  just contact us at the phone number or e-mail address given above and you will be invited to our next training meeting.

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