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Little Library Street

September 23, 2014
Extensions of Caroline and Goodman ---Click for Bigger Map Versions

Extension of Caroline and Goodman
Between 1845 to 1861
Click for Bigger Version of Map

Little Library Street is  officially known as Caroline Street.  When Caroline Street first appeared on City of Rochester maps around  1845,  it ran from South Avenue to the city’s edge which was just beyond “Nelson” street, now known as Meigs St.  By 1861  (see map at right)  it reached all the way to the new extension of Goodman, by then also on the edge of Rochester proper.  Today, this portion of the street between South and Goodman has accumulated more Little Free Library Stations than any other area in our city than we are aware of.  And each of these three structures has an individual style all its own.    But they are all still connected to the first Little Library which took residence in the Highland Park Neighborhood by way of the loves of reading and of real books.  The Ellwanger & Barry company referred to our area as The Finest and Healthiest Part of the City.   And what could be healthier for the mind and spirit than reading a fine old or new book or magazine?


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