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Keeping the Neighborhood Pristine, and More Trash Talk

August 20, 2014

Submitted by Elaine Heveron

Elaine and Lou demonstrate  their neighborhood pickup

Elaine and Lou demonstrate their ongoing  trash pickup  procedure in the neighborhood

Good Morning!  Perhaps we’ve met you on one of our morning walks—we’re the couple picking up trash with the long-handled grab-bar. We’ve met some wonderful people along the way these last several years.

Sometimes someone says, “Well, there’s not much trash around this neighborhood, right?” Well,  right, but there would be about 300 shopping bags worth of trash per year more than what you see if we didn’t pick it up, and there are others who do this as well.  The other day, we saw an elderly man using a walker and picking up trash along Elmwood Avenue; we were impressed!

Many people have taken a moment to say thank you or ask if we’ve ever found anything good (not yet.)  And, comically, it’s usually person who is both walking a dog or two and pushing a stroller that says, “I should do that too!”  We don’t have a dog and we’re walking anyway, so we’re happy to do it.  Our feeling is, if people see trash everywhere, they might not think twice about throwing trash from a car to the street, roadside, or sidewalk. But if they don’t see any trash around, they might get the vibe that this is not the place to do such a thing.

We could use some help along Clinton and South Avenues, (ideally from those who own and operate the businesses there, mainly.) Also, some of the side streets need more picking up. If anyone wants to help increase and extend the pristine look of this neighborhood, not just by having a Clean-Up Day once a year, but as a regular thing at your own convenience, please consider the ease of this contribution. It’s easier with two people, one to hold the bag and one to pick up and deposit trash, but it can be done alone too. People always ask where we bought our grab-bar.  The grab bars are easy to find online. My favorite is the Ettore 49036 Grip ‘n Grab (Amazon $17.98). because it can pick up the tiniest thing, even a cigarette butt or a dime.  Other models can be found at places like Southside Apothecary, Home Depot-types stores, Pharmacies, or even the public market.  So, get yourself a grab-bar and help reinforce the notion that this area is  a very special neighborhood and we’ve all got our eyes on the scene.


And while we’re talking trash, I’d like to mention that if you have items in your basement, garage or attic that you’ve been meaning to get rid of appropriately, there is a great place to dispose of these items:


Eco Park, 10 Avion Drive, Rochester, New York (near the airport)

Check out their web site:


Here are the hours and items you can leave for free at the Regular Collections.  (Check website for special collections of more items)

Wed.-Sat., 7:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. (closed on Monroe County government-observed holidays) – Monroe County households only (no businesses, not-for-profits, home offices, etc.)

  • Electronic Waste
  • Batteries (household alkaline batteries are NOT accepted)
  • Appliances (without CFC/Freon)
  • Scrap Metal
  • Aluminum Can Pop-Tops (to benefit Ronald McDonald House)
  • Paper & Flattened Cardboard
  • Document Destruction
  • Recyclable Glass/Metal/Plastic Containers
  • Printer Cartridges
  • Propane Tanks – 1# & 20#
  • Bulky Plastic Items (should be clean and rigid)
  • Plastic Bags and Product Wrap (must be clean and dry — no mulch/soil bags)
  • Clean Styrofoam Packing (no takeout clamshells, cups, meat trays, egg cartons, etc.)
  • Empty Prescription Bottles (labels OK)
  • Cooking Oil/Grease
  • Fluorescent Lights
  • Sharps & Syringes
  • Sneakers (no shoes, boots, cleats, ‘light-up’ or metal-containing sneakers)
  • Clothing (Goodwill Donation)
  • Cell Phones (to benefit Cell Phones for Soldiers)
  • Flags (U.S.)
  • Compost Give-Back (Seasonal – not for use in vegetable/herb gardens)

Check out the web site for Special Collections of other items.

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