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Do you love our parade?

May 12, 2014

If you love parades,  you may already have been present for one of the best, local and annual traditions.   And it is an event that you can walk to it if you live in any of the neighborhoods bordering on Highland Botanical Park. Parade of Lilac Queens 1930s That annual tradition is, of course, the Rochester Lilac Festival’s  Parade.

To the right is a post card memento from nearly eighty years ago.  It is a  fun and antique reminder that thousands of people have been gathering in Highland Park every spring to see a parade for generations.

However, I am not writing this entry to relate a definitive history of either the festival or the parade.  (Although I may get to that over time.)

I am actually writing  just to celebrate by way of  a record of my visit to this year’s parade. Like so many times before, the 2014 Lilac festival and the Lilac parade were welcomed in my neighborhood as heralds of spring and summer.  And I have confirmed by an informal poll of my fellow residents, that they look forward to the Lilac Festival and all its events as much as I do.  This year, because of the severity of the winter that ended mere weeks before the lilacs began to bloom, there may even have been extra cheering.

First up in the celebration is a video.  The movie is actually just a few minutes of music from several of the many bands that participated in the 2014 parade.  (Plus some special guests in special rather small vehicles.)

Next is my photo essay on the parade.   But this is just a selection of a much bigger set of floats, participants and music. By that I mean, the movie and the photo collection could each be two or three times this size and woud still quite interesting.

See for yourself next year!

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