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Trick or Treaters – Counts Across Recent Years

November 2, 2013
Best Costume Award - 2013

Best Costume Award – At My House 2013

When we first moved onto our own home on Meigs street in late 1991, my wife and I were already somewhat familiar with how big a deal Halloween is in this section of the Highland Park Neighborhood (then still known as the Ellwanger & Barry Neighborhood.)  We had been living here  since 1986 on the ground floor of a nearby apartment building where we received a couple of dozen of treat & treaters every year.  But that first year at our house, I was unprepared for the number to quadruple.  My wife was working  later than expected that day and as my candy stock grew low I had nowhere to turn to resupply it.   In desperation, I made a small sign explaining my plight and asking any visitors  with extra candy (especially the stuff they did not want)  to consider leaving some for later trick-or-treaters.  Eventually I left the candy bowl outside with about 15 pieces of candy left in it and retired inside for the night.  When I awoke the next morning, I found that the bowl was much fuller than I left it.   Is that something that could only happen in this neighborhood? I don’t know, but I do know that if I tried it again now twenty years later, I’d expect the same results.

This year brought near records levels of trick or treaters to our house.  In fact we ran out quite late in the day.   (Maybe I should have tried the sign trick again?)  I knew it was near a record because we have been keeping count for quite a few years although unfortunately, we haven’t kept good records of our records. Currently I have, in fact, misplaced all results prior to 1999.   And we actually track by the 1/2 hour.   So perhaps some year I will include updated detail from other years and, perhaps graphs (!)

Little People Award - Halloween 2013 at my house

Little People Award – Halloween 2013 at my house

Halloween Trick or Treater counts – Meigs near Linden

    • 1999    153
    • 2000   156
    • 2001      60 (9/11 Aftermath)
    • 2005    209
    • 2006    227
    • 2007    312
    • 2008   245
    • 2009   245
    • 2010   186 (Rain – Becoming Cold Slush Later
    • 2011    nc  (Absent/Out of Town)
    • 2012    247
    • 2013    293 –  Ran out at 7:45 pm – at least 30-40 more were probable.
    • 2014    nc  (Absent/(Studio Event)
    • 2015    316 –  Ran out at 8:45 pm – estimate 20 more.
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