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Little Libraries: Lots of Lovely Literacy

October 27, 2013
Little Library Theme

Little Library Theme
Handcrafted by Don Olney

Curator’s Note: The History of  Little Free Libraries is given at this website, These little structures are dedicated to allowing anyone to “Take a Book – Borrow a Book – Return a Book – Donate a Book” .  In the autumn of 2012, Highland Park Neighborhood Resident Rachel Larson brought the concept to our Arts & Cultural Team.  One thing lead to another, other volunteers joined with Rachel and then…well please see Rachel’s description and the slideshow below.

Little Free Library Opens on Rockingham

By Rachel Larson

What does Rochester have in common with Republic of Congo, Lakki Marwat, Pakistan, Bogota, Colombia or Nagasaki, Japan? We are all lucky to have Little Libraries!

This spring in the Highland Park Neighborhood, a group of like-minded neighbors decided to work together to enhance our community with Little Free Libraries. The idea is to share books with your neighbors, increase conversations and build community one book at a time. Little Libraries started in Wisconsin in 2009 and now have been built all over the world in the last five years. Currently, two are registered in Brighton and one on Azalea Road in the Strong neighborhood. The newest two are on Rockingham and Caroline Streets.

Neighbors and Master artisans, Peter Keenan and Chris Kase, built the bases of our new libraries. Don Olney sharing his amazing woodworking skills in decorating it. Other neighbors painted and put them up. It is truly a community effort!

Two new libraries are currently being constructed now, but the crew could always use more help making them. If you have woodcraft, painting skills or materials to donate, neighbors are working to put up one on Ashland Street in the South Wedge.

To find out more about the larger Little Library movement, visit website, To be a part of what is happening locally, email the Highland Park Neighborhood at

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  1. Jean permalink
    October 28, 2014 5:32 pm

    I love these little libraries. I saw my first one on road on Keuka lake. I hope many people use these as they are a wonderful way to share books with adults and kids alike, with all different interests. I would love to have one on my front lawn!!

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