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A Sampling of Neighborhood Gardens on Labor Day

September 10, 2013

On Labor Day 2013, I took a walk through the Highland Park Neighborhood with my wife.  All summer, I had been planning  to start a project that I’ve thought about for some time which is one that I have intended for this site.  I wanted to catch and record many of the personal gardens hosted  in so many of our resident’s yards and porches.   I had been regretting not having time and I had wanted to start at the peak of bloom and color.  But as the time of the walk was one of the last few weeks of summer,  I had assumed the peak had already passed.  Well maybe it had, but what I found was still, (especially for a fan of spontaneous resident driven “Placemaking”), was a series of special sights and treats.   There were gems on every big or little street that we walked on that day.  And I could have spent at least the rest of week finding and documenting other charming, arresting and attractive spots throughout my neighborhood and area.   So this album should be understood as just a random  first selection.   Over the few hours of this shoot,  I didn’t get to cover much of the Southern and Eastern sections of the Highland Park Neighborhood.  And during the days following this walk, sans camera, I kept encountering other gardens on the same or other streets that could easily be included here.  And perhaps they will, in the next chapter… 

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