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Honor Park Photo Diaries Continue

September 2, 2013

The remarkable reworking of the Honor Park Garden extension has been captured across most of the Spring and Summer of 2013 by Linden Street Residents Nan Schaller and Walter Bankes.   An album of their photos  documenting the changes to the Linden Street and Goodman Street intersection was previously posted.   Now a  second album that shows progress through the end of August has been added.

These two photos illustrate the different size of the green space at Linden & Goodman one year apart.   But to see the updated album by Nan and Walter, please…Click Here!!

Honor Park September Late  2012

Honor Park September Late 2012. One Year before the lower photo

Honor Park Panorama on Labor Day 2013

Honor Park Panorama with Right-of-way extensions on Labor Day 2013

Use this link for the Closing of Linden St and Honor Park Gallery

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