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A Visual Report on a February Snow

March 1, 2013

The Snow and The StatueAfter last year, we may have been more than waiting for it, we may have been hoping for it.   Last year’s record temperatures and early spring played mind games with the True Spirit of  Rochester Winter Grit.   After all, this IS the Snow Belt and just being relegated to watching other areas getting buried, it just doesn’t seem fair.   Because we can take it. If we couldn’t we would have moved away years ago and banished those stormy, frozen, slushy, cold, cold  February, March and even April days to the occasional nightmare. Yep, we can take it.   But then came  the “Winter” of 2011-2012, when we got much too much of nothing to “take”.  As if to mock our pathetic lack of  snow (the season’s total was the least in a decade), Rochester even won the Golden Snowball Award for the first time during the millenium, but this victory included the lowest winning total of my lifetime.  Even weirder, we still made the final four, just like in  2009-2010 & 2010-2011 seasons. While the winter of 2012-2013 started out rawer, colder and whiter, still we  were just watching again  as the Mid-Atlantic stole our blizzards and continually demonstrated that they just weren’t up to the task.   Yeah, they will shut the Nation’s Capital after the receiving amounts of snow that Rochesterians just dust off  while still managing get to work on time. Finally we got ours in late December…a mere flesh wound one might say.  The key Rochachalike phrase in this report is not “Record Snowfall“, obviously a headline added by a new-to-this-town editor , but the sturdy reaction from a City director: “Business as Usual.”   So, unlike last year,  February 2013 weather brought us more “Business as Usual”.    New England  and downstate once again grabbed the most of it  (up to 40″) .  In honor of so many blizzards now seeming to target the East Coast Megapolis more so than the Great Lakes snow belts,   the weather media has now started naming Winter Storms.   Blizzard “Nemo” brought us 12+ inches.**    Compared to what the wider area will remember -which included gale strength winds, ours was a softer and gentler snowfall.  And so beautiful that it coaxed me out during its first two days to bring back this photo report on Snow in the Highlands:  (i.e. the Neighborhood and the Park)

** But should you believe it?  That same site also totals results of a storm that visited the Northeast on December 29, 2012 named “Freyr” .  Somehow Rochester NY, which received totals of 10-14″ isn’t even on the last.

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