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Photo Diary of Linden St Closing – The Rebirth of Honor Park

February 10, 2013
Area of Honor Park and Linden Street and Goodman Avenue. From 1936. Click for Bigger Image.

Area of Honor Park and Linden Street & Goodman Avenue. From 1936. Click for Bigger Image.

(Recently Added: Spring and Summer 2013 Update to this Photo Diary…Click Here!)

The following photo history was sent to us by Walter Bankes and Nan Schaller.  Except for the Aerial photo on 11-07-2013,  all photos were taken by Walter.   The east-side intersection of Linden and Goodman had been split around the “island” of Honor Park between 1915 and 1918.  The east of Linden was originally known as “Yale Street” during the 1800s   but was joined to Linden Street at about the same time that the northern  connection was added.  Over time, the southern access to Linden became an issue with residents on the street.  Around 2007, neighbors first asked the City for a remedy and in late 2009, the newly formed “Traffic Calming Team” of the Highland Park Neighborhood Association joined in the cause.  The closure of the southern access to Linden was one of the team’s first priorities, along with several requests related to Ellwanger & Barry Park.  In 2011, the neighborhood was informed that the closure was approved by the City Traffic Engineers.  And in early autumn, the project was funded and approved by City Council.   This is what happened next…

After a few years of discussion, the Rochester City Council approved the closing of Linden St. south of Honor Park as a traffic calming project.  People had been treating that area of Linden St. as a high speed off ramp from Goodman. The photos below were taken by Walter Bankes in and around 601 Linden St. over the course of the project.

Spring and Summer Update! 

Nan Schaller and Walter Bankes and  neighbors Debra Lewis, Vikkii Kolb and Amy Priestley continued to work on the expanded garden space of Honor Park.  These are Walt and Nan’s  pictures sent in over the  spring and summer of 2013 that document the planting, blooming and growth of the Neighborhood’s most recent garden expansion.

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  1. Barb Allen permalink
    September 28, 2013 12:28 pm

    Great job, Nan. You made a rough spot look great.

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