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James Vick on “the Largest and Best Regulated Seed House in the World” » Cover of Vick’s 1873 Floral Guide

Cover of Vick's 1873 Floral Guide

Cover of Vick’s Illustrated Floral Guide for 1873

Vick’s Illustrated Floral Guide was first published in in 1862 and immediately became a sensation for the beautiful engravings and as well the colored plates or “chromoliths” that often were used as a frontispiece or on other special pages. Vick was an early adopter of the use of splashy color covers, something that only grew in popularity over the next 40 as America experienced a boom in Color Lithography for Seed Catalog, many of which were designed and printed in Rochester. The turn of the century was the golden age for the Seed Catalog and Vick was an active participant. But the catalog shown above was sent out by the hundreds of thousands well before most of Vick’s rivals had even gotten into the game. (See

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  1. Christina B. permalink
    April 29, 2014 10:32 pm

    I have a Crownford flower pot decorated with flowers and the words ” Floral Guide for 1873 “. My search on it is how I ended up on this page.

    • July 8, 2014 9:43 am

      Hi Cristina, I’d Love to see a picture of your flower pot. If it is relevant to James Vick , I might ask permission to display it here.

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