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When do I miss the Imperial?

August 20, 2012

So when do I miss the Imperial Chinese Restaurant?

A portion of the Imperial’s Menu

When my roommate from many years ago comes to visit Rochester and we can’t go back there for another dinner together.

When it’s my husband’s birthday. His birthday is in December, the same time the Imperial celebrated their anniversary. And Bobby Shek remembered. The festive atmosphere always made his birthday extra special.

When no one feels like cooking and we’re trying to decide where to get takeout.

How many nights have we wished we could go there for dinner? I wonder how many times I did go. Maybe it was just the two of us or a group getting together.  There are too many to remember them all.

When it’s Chinese New Year’s.  Now that was a party!

And when I’m really sick and the only thing in the world that will make me feel better is the Imperial’s chicken rice soup.

Imperial Post Card

A Post Card from the Imperial

Oh, I just remembered a funny story.  One night we were there having a quiet dinner.  There was another couple sitting at a table right next to the fish tank. Remember the fish tank? It divided the room and contained those two huge fish that just stared at each other and barely ever moved, almost lifeless. Well, this night was different. Suddenly, the fish went crazy.  They were fighting each other and jumping all over. Water was going everywhere. The couple was getting drenched.  Employees came running, talking excitedly.

It turns out no one had remembered to feed the fish!

contributed by Marcia J. Zach

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  1. donna iannapollo permalink
    September 12, 2012 11:17 am

    We miss the Imperial every eyar on our wedding anniversary, which happened to be the same date as their opening day.

  2. JSHallatt permalink
    September 12, 2015 6:31 pm

    I miss The Imperial’s double sauteed pork!

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