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“These Men Were Prophets!” » George W. Elliott.

George W. Elliott.

According to historian McKelvey: “The most active protagonists of a park system in the mid-eighties were Dr. Edward Mott Moore and Councilman George W. Elliott…Councilman Elliott, a careful student of the city’s finances, was the outspoken leader of a number of progressive business men who hoped to ease the city’s debt burden by a vigorous development of its outskirts and the consequent enlargement of its assessments rolls.”

From: An Historical View of Rochester’s Parks and Playgrounds By Blake McKelvey in Rochester History Volume XI No.1 January 1949

At the dedication of the Ellwanger & Barry Memorial Pavilion in 1890, George Ellwanger stated “Especially do I wish to compliment Park Commissioner Elliott for his intelligent appreciation of the advantages of this locality for park purposes, and his untiring efforts to have it properly improved. He was among the first of those who secured the action that has made this, as it deservedly should be, the central point of the park system for the city of Rochester. With his fine taste, he at once recognized the combined attractions at this point—pure air, extended views of unsurpassed natural scenery, a fountain throwing a jet of water high in air, and a broad sweep of meadow lands sloping away from it to the distant southern hills.”

From “Presentation – Ellwanger & Barry Memorial Pavilion Highland Park, Rochester, N. Y. Dedicated By Them To The Children Of Rochester,” Central Library of Rochester and Monroe County · Historic Monographs Collection

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