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“These Men Were Prophets!” » Patrick Barry

With George Ellwanger, Patrick Barry (1816-1890) created the Mt Hope Nurseries that eventually donated the core 19.63 that became Highland Park as well 1500 ornamental trees from Nursery stock that helped form the collections of Highland Park and other parks in the system. Together with his partner and his son, Patrick Barry was instrumental in the drive to create a Park System. Their efforts also including purchasing and setting aside land that became part of Maplewood Park. He was also became one of the foremost horticultural authorities of 19th America.

“His industry was one of genuine production of wealth from the soil. Its creations from nature have, in their fruits and flowers, and trees and shrubs, ministered to those senses of man whose gratification refines life and makes it enjoyable; and it is a pleasure to know that it was duly rewarded by a rich return…
For more than twenty years he was president of the Western New York Horticultural Society, which was the most prosperous and important of its kind in the United States. He was president of the New York State Agricultural Society and a member of the board of control of the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station. At times he filled offices of importance to the local community, such as alderman of the city and supervisor of the county and as frequently declined the tender of others..”
From: History of the Genesee Country Volume 3, 1925, The S. J. Clarke Publishing Company

Regarding the gift of Highland Park: “Believing that attractions of nature excite and develop the best feelings of every one, my late associate in business, Mr Barry and I have desired that this good city of Rochester, where we have spent so many pleasant years, should possess forever this spot, at once so health-giving and so beautiful. We, therefore, for some time past intended to give this elevation to our fellow citizens.”
From George Ellwanger Speech in ““Presentation – Ellwanger & Barry Memorial Pavilion Highland Park, Rochester, N. Y. Dedicated By Them To The Children Of Rochester,” Central Library of Rochester and Monroe County · 1891 Historic Monographs Collection

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