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“These Men Were Prophets!” » Dr E. M. Moore

Dr E. M. Moore

Dr Edwin Mott Moore (1814-1902).

“To him more than to any other man is the city indebted for its beautiful parks.”
from “Biographical Record of the City of Rochester and Monroe County” 1902

Dr Moore was one of the two most important proponents of a park system for Rochester and the first President of its Park Commission from 1888-1902. At the dedication of the children’s pavilion, Bishop McQuaid, spoke this in reference to Councilman Elliott and Dr Moore:”To him and to the president of the-park commission, Dr. Moore,much of the credit of the work already accomplished is due. With intelligent earnestness they have worked together to give the citizens of Rochester a system of parks of which in time they will be proud. The doctor, as becomes his profession and years, has thought of the health of the people, while the younger commissioner has sought to provide for the sports and amusement of their children. As they have been associated in this work, so will their names in after years be united in the fathership of the park system of Rochester”

From “Presentation – Ellwanger & Barry Memorial Pavilion Highland Park, Rochester, N. Y. Dedicated By Them To The Children Of Rochester” Central Library of Rochester and Monroe County · Historic Monographs Collection

” His successful battle for its establishment and his leadership during the period in which strikingly beautiful sites were acquired, horticultural, scenic, and recreational facilities were projected and to some extent realized, had won him the affectionate title of Father of the Rochester Park System. A quarter-century after his death, a bronze statue donated by James G. Cutler was mounted near the east entrance of Genesee Valley Park, a fitting tribute to the commission’s first president “

From: An Historical View of Rochester’s Parks and Playgrounds By Blake McKelvey in Rochester History Volume XI No.1 January 1949

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