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“These Men Were Prophets!” » Alexander B Lamberton

Alexander B Lamberton

A. B. Lamberton (1839-1919) in 1902 became the second president of the Parks Commission and oversaw the transition of Park Lands from Purchased lots to designed outdoor recreational areas according to the plans delivered from Frederick Law Olmsted.

Born in Rich Hill, County Armagh, Ireland, on February 28, 1839, Alexander B. Lamberton made his way to to Rochester in 1864 ” and established a lumber yard and planing mill on the site of the Rochester House, at Exchange and Spring streets. Through his exertions the first swing-bridge in the State was built over the canal at Exchange street. Since becoming a resident of the city Mr. Lamberton has been owner of some of its most valuable real estate and his time has been largely taken up in its management; but in spite of his business engagements he has always been interested in public concerns calculated to forward the general interest of society.”

From: Rochester and the Post Express, by John Devoy (Post Express Printing Co, 1895, Ilust., 286 pages

“Early in Mr. Lamberton’s administration it was the policy of the Park Board to not only make our parks beautiful but to bring them into practical use in every conceivable way that would encourage our youth to seek and enjoy health giving pleasure and afford opportunities for out door diversion for citizens of all ages and conditions,and not only were these privileges contemplated, but also to render the park system educational by the introduction of departments in horticulture, loriculture, forestry and zoology which might be available for high school youth and the students and professors of our University. All these noble projects have been accomplished.”

From: The Origin and Development of Rochester’s Park System, by a Veteran Reporter. (Union & Adv. press, 1908, iIIust., 64 pages).

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