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Sleigh Ride on Crawford

September 22, 2011

Dianne Demark (via John Richter)  recently sent us two interesting photos taken on Crawford Street during the mid twentieth century.  The homes on this  street date from 1910-1920.   While the exact date of the photos is not known, Dianne believes they are from 1944 or 1945.   Diane wrote that the first picture  shows “my dad Shirley W. Stubbe and my maternal grandmother Josephine Gleichauf and my brother Raymond Stubbe, in front of our home at 153 Crawford Street.” along with some of Crawford’s well known Sycamore trees.  Diane tells us that the second photo is also of her dad ” Shirley Weston Stubbe and my three brothers John, Raymond and Mallory Stubbe”  — the background of this photo  features the Ellwanger & Barry School #24,.    Thank you, Dianne,  for sharing these wonderful family images!

Shirley W. Stubbe along with his mother-in-law Josephine Gleichauf and son Raymond Stubbe in front of the family home at 153 Crawford

Shirley Weston Stubbe and sons John, Raymond and Mallory Stubbe in front of the Ellwanger & Barry School #24 around 1944

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