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Panoramas of TON 2011

September 19, 2011

The Highland Park Neighborhood Association’s  Fifth Annual “Taste of the Neighborhood”  event was also its fifth  successful September celebration with a gathering of  neighbors, business owners, local officials, police and other friends.   The “pot-luck” buffet table was once again filled with many a neighbors’ savory specialty or homemade dessert.  Our area restaurants, delis, bakeries and confectioners  also contributed to the repast.  And all that was  in addition to another annual tradition:  Grilled hamburgers  &  hot dogs from Rochester Meats on freshly baked rolls from Georgies.

For the second year, the music of “The Highlanders” (a band made up primarily of neighbors)  filled the park even as the jugglers from “Airplay” entertained young and old on Linden Street.   When the band was on break,  demonstrations of Zumba dancing and other skills were on display.   And many among us enjoyed the art of conversation among neighbors and friends all afternoon…while other, younger residents created a large hopscotch area on Meigs St or just revisited their favorite playground apparatus.

Below are few panorama photos of a people-filled Ellwanger & Barry Park on the festive day.   Each of these pictures links to a much larger version. Let these serve as one remembrance of how our community of neighbors  spends one Sunday in September every year…

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