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The Highland Park Neighborhood Wins 2011 Neighborhood Spirit Contest

May 19, 2011

Highland Park Neighborhood won the 2011 Neighborhood Spirit Contest held during the Rochester Flower City Challenge Half Marathon on May 1, 2011.  After the race, runners were asked to complete a survey, inidicating which neighborhood that they had run through displayed the most spirit and energy during the race.  The results were overwhelming – 649 runners voted, and this neighborhood garnered 67% of the votes!

As a prize, Highland Park Neighborhood Association won $750 to put towards a neighborhood beautification project.  A big thanks goes out to all the great volunteers who organized our participants and woke up early to decorate our stretch of the race.

Here are some comments from event participants:

  • Lots of great decorations and spectators. Plus, who doesn’t love kids drawing in chalk on the road and cheering us on as we run up a hill? It was a great distraction
  • I think the neighborhood deserves it because, they are young families that came out with their kids in strollers and they deserve the money to improve the neighborhood to make it more enjoyable for the young kids. Also it’s a great thing for young kinds to see runners compete since we can have a positive influence on them to come out and start running
  • LOVED the “flowers” they made and put along the street – they had great, spirited spectators as well!
  • Tons of folks out to cheer and support, paper flowers lining the street, water station with neighborhood banners.  They were awesome (and I live in Zone 2).
  • They had a great energy all the way up the hill (which was very helpful), they had great t-shirts, a water stop which I’m guessing was at their own expense and were just a lot of fun on that hill.  Great job and thank you for putting so much effort into cheering the runners on!
  • I loved all the signs and flowers.  They even wore t-shirts to support highland park.  Nice Job!
  • The neighbors were dressed in purple symbolizing the lilacs of highland park.  They made flowers & put them in the grass, children were playing instruments, they had water for us, & were over all enthusiastic as we ran by. With that said, the support from all spectators was amazing. As a first time runner, they helped me stay motivated & excited!
  • The Highland Park Neighborhood definitely had the most spirit!  They had signs designating their neighborhood and cheering the runners on, and many groups of people cheering in their neighborhood zone.  They also had a banner for their neighborhood and decorations along the way so that it felt like one cohesive unit.
  • So many people outside, with neighborhood shirts on, cheering… It was great!  The community support today was great.  I live in NYC where there is lots of support at running events.  Having grown up in Roch I was really sad that there was little community support during marathon last fall.  Today Roch really redeemed itself from start to finish
  • While I felt a lot of the neighborhoods made a great effort to cheer on the runners, Zone 5 went above and beyond!  The fold there had matching T-shirts, great noisemakers and music, and decorated the entire length of their section.  It was great to see the support from them, and ALL the neighborhoods!
  • They had the greatest number of neighbors out.  They created their own water station.  Extremely encouraging and friendly.  Chalk on the streets, signs and paper mache flowers.   Great decorations.   Felt very welcomed and encouraged especially right before the big hills.  Adorable children and families.
Neighborhood Photographer David Kotok was also on the scene. The following slideshow is made up from photos he took during the event.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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