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A Visual History of Ellwanger & Barry Park

March 8, 2011

Poster from 2008-2009 Exhibit

In 2008, we began work on an exhibit for the Neighborhood Association’s lilac festival booth entitled “The Arboretum that became a Neighborhood”.   That exhibit took a year to arrive at its final form and was the basis of our 2009 printed calendar.   The exhibit features an illustrated timeline which follows the development of the Highland Park Neighborhood, the Ellwanger & Barry businesses and Highland Park  itself over the last 175+ years – starting from the days when Rochester was first chartered as a city.   We have always intended to bring the entire exhibit to the web, and finally, we have now (nearly) completed a first installment with “A Visual History of Ellwanger & Barry Park“. This is one part of our “Connections” web and an associated ongoing project to connect our residents with our heritage through cultural events and creations. Your feedback, as always, is appreciated.

The First in a Series of Annotated Timelines based on the Exhibit "The Arboretum that Became a Neighborhood"

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