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Our Exhibits at City Hall Speak for Themselves

July 23, 2009

Or they will at least until, I have time to give both  fuller coverage here.  These are currently on display from 9 am until 5 pm weekdays in the waiting area of City Hall,  The exhibits (The Arboretum That Became a Neighborhood  as well as Reflections of a Neighborhood:A Virtual Scrapbook)will only be there until August 27th, 2009.   Catch them while you can…you can even convince me to come down and take you through at a time that we can agree  upon.

Please note that many of the items on display already have found a home here or eventully they will show up here as Scrapbook Pages and that we plan a complete on-line “installation” of The Arboretum That Became a Neighborhood very soon now…and right on this  very  site!  Until then…please consider a trip downtown…you may even find yourself in the exhibit if you look close!

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