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A Tale of Two Advertisements

July 21, 2009

Within a decade of its opening in 1840, Mount Hope Nurseries remained the dominant local plant nursery and the focus of Ellwanger & Barry’s enterprise until the late 19th century.  As competition grew, (some competitors were original purchasers of nursery stock from Ellwanger & Barry), the Ellwanger & Barry real estate business moved to the fore.  Starting in the 1850s, the Real Estate company originally built modest homes for its nursery workers.  But by the turn of the century, now incorporated as a separate entity called the “Ellwanger and Barry Realty Company”, it was subdividing former nursery acreage into entirely new sections of the city.  The 20th Century brought with it the developments of core areas of our neighborhood including  Crawford,  Linden, Mt. Vernon, Meigs, Mulberry and Rockingham Streets as well as, eventually Highland Parkway.

The transition is documented quite abruptly when examining the name listings and ads purchased within The Rochester Directory during the second decade of the last century.  For in the 1913 edition, the nursery business makes its final appearance…ads having been placed for Mount Hope Nurseries in the publication since the early 1840s.

Entries in 1913 Rochester Directory for Ellwanger & Barry

Entries in 1913 Rochester Directory for Ellwanger & Barry

Contrast the above  with the 1914 edition of same publication…no longer does the nursery business have ad space allocated, athough in the index section, both companies are referenced. For the remainder of its existence, the Ellwanger & Barry Realty company will now advertise homes in “The Finest and Healthiest Part of the City”

Entries in 1914 Rochester Directory for Ellwanger & Barry

Entries in 1914 Rochester Directory for Ellwanger & Barry

For more information see: The Flower City by Blake McKelvey and
Ellwanger & Barry: Background and Scope of the Collection

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