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Where’s Rudy?

July 20, 2009

Where’s Rudy?

By Marcia Zach

We still don’t know how our cat named Rudy got out but he did.  By the time we confirmed that he was missing, and not sleeping somewhere in the house, it had been hours since we’d been outside admiring our beautiful new baby neighbor, Callan.  We could only suspect that when we returned using the back door, Rudy had made a stealthy escape.  We called across the backyard and looked but no Rudy.  There had been only one other time he’d gotten out without us seeing it and he was waiting by the back door a short time later.  But not this time.

Flyer from 2004

Flyer from 2004

Michael printed flyers and we plastered the neighborhood with them.  So we looked and called and looked and called for days… Walking all the streets of the neighborhood like we had never walked them before…Talking to everyone we saw, asking if they’d seen the orange and white cat we so desperately were trying to find.  And people helped.  We heard about who takes in strays, where cats like to hang out in the neighborhood and got calls of orange cat sightings.  We’d rush to the area. Sometimes we’d see the cat…which was not Rudy. Sometimes we wouldn’t but we’d go back to the site over and over again to check.  Michael printed even more flyers. One day I was on my way home from work driving 2 mph down a street looking (It took a long time to get home every day) and I ran into Michael who had just driven there from Webster because he got a “sighting call”.  It still wasn’t Rudy.

On the 6th day after he had gone missing, after my long trip home from work I stopped home and called him. Nothing. So I walked to the place a couple blocks away where someone insisted they’d seen him (remember his picture was now everywhere!) numerous times with another orange cat.  He wasn’t there.  I walked home so sad.  I was getting so discouraged. Just before I went inside, I called yet again.  And then I heard a meow.  It was Rudy’s meow.

Our Neighbors

Our Neighbors – Davan, Meghan and Callan – The Day Rudy Left

And now, at last, I saw his little face peeking out from under my neighbor’s deck (and, yes, I had been on my stomach on the ground more than once looking under that deck during the previous week).  Rudy was home.
I cried.

Michael and I happily walked the streets one more time removing all the flyers.  We’ll always be thankful to our neighbors , next door, down the streets and even some blocks away, many we’d never met before Rudy went missing, all of whom looked, called us, and just took the time to listen and show that they cared.

I never felt happier to live in such a great neighborhood.

Written February 2009 – Since 2004, Rudy has escaped only one more time for two days. These days, he seems content to play with his little brother Rocky. Callan, meanwhile, has become a big brother to Ada & Hope, his two little sisters and he occasionally helps Marcia plant flowers bulbs in the playground,

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