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A Map of the Neighborhood – 2009 Edition

July 20, 2009

by Michael E Tomb

I spent quite a bit of 2008 working with other volunteers to design several “takes” of an exhibit which uses vintage maps of the City of Rochester and our Neighborhood to tell the story of how the Ellwanger & Barry nurseries evolved into Our Neighborhood (among several) and Highland Park.  That exhibit is titled “The Arboretum that Became a Neighborhood”and the design work will continue soon with on-line version of the illustrated time-line that we developed.   Along the way I found no suitable current map of the area.  Even Google Maps and other on-line sites have missing street names…which is true for the only one that I could find online at the City of Rochester site.  Working with an enhanced version of a Map-point slide created by Michael Thompson,  Marcia and I designed a 2009 version that now includes every street name we could find within the Highland Park Neighborhood.  Please contact us with any comments. or corrections .  I doubt that this will be last version we create!  The image below is linked to a larger version of the map, suitable for printing.

Map of the Highland Park Neighborhood Today

Map of the Highland Park Neighborhood Today

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