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Accident on S. Goodman Street 1985

July 19, 2009
1985 - Goodman Street

1985 – Goodman Street

Accident on S. Goodman Street 1985
John Richter – Crawford Street

Summer, 1985: I was driving south (up the hill) on South Goodman Street from my house when I noticed a poorly marked excavation by a contractor working on the gas lines that run under the street. I even remember thinking at the time that someone was likely to fall into it. Sure enough, as I was returning from the store an hour later, I saw that a pickup truck had flipped upside-down into the hole, as you can see in the picture. Fortunately, the driver was not hurt and was able to get out on his own. It could have been much worse, as the cab of the truck laid on top of two exposed gas lines (6″ and 8″ lines). After I returned home, I went up to the site, curious to know how they would get this truck out the the hole. I thought for sure that they would need a crane for a verical lift. However, after a very long planning session, two tow-truck operators were able to hook up to it and pull it out of the hole, one on each end. As the tow-trucks strained, the pickup truck scrapped its way up out of the hole, then
flipped right-side up alongside the hole. I’ll never doubt tow-truck operators again. Their experience allowed them to easily handle a difficult situation. Was I impressed!

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  1. December 22, 2009 11:15 am

    Hey, John – When you said you’d put in two stories from the neighborhood, I was trying to think of some to add – this was the only one I thought of! We had just
    returned from a trip around the US to find this almost next to us. Nice job!

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