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A Park Wedding

May 16, 2009
By Lisa Ann Seischab
Here are a couple contributions for the Highland Park Neighborhood Virtual Scrapbook project. They were taken in Highland Park on my grandparents wedding day, May 16, 1939. My grandfather was a US Navy veteran of WWII, a long time employee of Davenport Tool and Die and past Monroe County Commander of the VFW.Wedding Party 1939  Another neighborhood note – Catherine Stamiris (later Catherine Sbelgio) was my great aunt. Her husband, Charles Stamiris, was MIA during WWII and never found. A newspaper clipping we found with one of my great-aunt’s photos reported that Charles’ parents lived on Rockingham Street.  

Wedding Party
The people in the photos are:
(from left to right)
Charles Knope
(best man)
Regina (Jean) Mulrooney Hines (1919 -1999)
Henry F. Hines, Jr. (1919 – 2000)
Catherine Mulrooney Stamiris (maid of honor)

 Wedding Day ProposalWedding Day Proposal

May 16, 1939
Henry F. Hines, Jr.
Regina (Jean) Mulrooney Hines












(Editor’s Note: These photos were displayed in the park as part of the Neighborhood’s Lilac Festival Scrapbook on the what would have been the Hines 70th anniversay – May 16. 2009)

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