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When Did Your Street Join the Highland Park Neighborhood?

January 1, 2009

Lilly PlateFrom the 2009 Calendar of The Highland Park Neighborhood  based on the Exhibit:“The Arboretum that Became a Neighborhood

Plum Fruit PlateThis is a list of every street in Rochester’s Highland Park Neighborhood.   Using maps and 19th and early 20th century city directories, we have recorded the year that each street first appears.  In some case, a street first appeared under a different name.  While the neighborhood barely existed in the 1860s, it was essentially complete by 1926.   The latter year was during the era that Ellwanger & Barry Real Estate finished subdividing their nursery properties into housing developments within current neighborhood boundaries in the late 1920s.   The company developed tracts in nearby sections of the city through the 1930s until the company was dissolved in the 1950s.

Current Highland Park Neighborhood Street First on Map
in Neighborhood
First on Map
with Present Name
Alpine St 1895 1895
Bellvue Dr 1918 1918
Benton St 1863 as Lewis 1895
Blakeney Pl 1900 1900
Bly St 1895 1895
Burkhard Pl 1895 not named 1900
Caroline St 1845 1845
Cayuga St 1872 Viele St, 1895 Cayuga Pl 1900
Clinton Ave South 1845 Pinnacle & Cayuga 1900
Crawford St 1895 not named 1900
Diem St 1895 1895
Goebel Place 1918 1918
Goodman St. S. 1863 1863
Greenview Dr. 1926 1926
Gregory Hill Rd 1926 1926
Gregory St. 1845  Grand 1900
Highland Parkway 1926 1926
Howard St 1900 1900
Howland Ave Annexed 1914 * After 1936
Linden St 1863 Yale 1900
Meigs Street 1845 Nelson 1895
Mt. Vernon Ave 1863 1863
Mulberry St 1863 Warren 1900
Nicholson St 1895 Nicholson Pk 1900
Oakland Street 1895 Oakland Pk 1900
Raymond St 1895 1895
Rockingham St 1845 Oakland 1900
Seager St 1895 1895
South Ave. 1845 Grand 1863
Washburn Park 1910 1910
Weider St 1900 1900
Whitmore St. 1895 Whitmore Pk 1900

Cherries Fruit PlateNote:  Clinton Ave called Lock St in 1834, (North of Neighborhood) and then portions were named Cayuga and Pinnacle until around 1900.

 1834 – The most southern street in the city is Jefferson Street which becomes Hamilton St in 1863.

1834 – Mt. Hope is  called River Street    

1834 – Byron St. is called Holly St.  

1834 – S. Clinton Ave. is called Lock St.

 1863 – Mt. Hope name appears    

1863 – Averill Ave. is called Munger  

1895 – There’s a Willow Pk. that no longer exists

1910 – Paul Pl , this street no longer exists

1914  – *Land to become extension of Howland Ave first annexed



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  1. Bob Salata permalink
    September 22, 2014 11:20 am

    Pretty interesting, nice job presenting this info for us. Thanks

    • September 22, 2014 1:11 pm

      Thanks Bob. This is something we did back in 2009 that I’ve been meaning to post here, since, well, 2009 (!) Part of a timeline series that I’ve also been hoping to bring here as part of a refresh of this site that will happen soon.

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