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Second Annual Taste of the Neighborhood

October 1, 2008

By Ruth Danis

Poster for 2008 Event

Poster for 2008 Event

The “Squeaky Chair Jazz Band” played along to a background of the laughing of children and the conversations of adults at the second annual Highland Park Neighborhood Association’s picnic. Residents had an opportunity to taste food donated by their neighbors and local restaurants and to circulate among old and new friends. Local officials, candidates for public office, and Mayor Duffy, spent time listening to a friendly and vocal crowd. A “children’s center” group painted many small faces, and the firemen who arrived early gravitated toward this activity. Our raffle was successful given the wide variety of donations by local businesses. Hot dogs and hamburgers were in constant demand until the picnic ended at 7PM. The success of the picnic can best be described by the generosity of everyone involved. A diverse crowd of friendly and interesting people attended the function. The number of children present made us aware of the importance of keeping our neighborhood safe. An increased knowledge about the variety of local businesses encouraged people to think about walking to nearby stores.

from The Highland Park Buzz    – Volume 8, Issue 1 October 2008

All Photos Courtesy Michael Thompson and Roger Ramsay

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