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First Annual Taste of the Neighborhood

October 1, 2007
Panorama of the First Taste of the Neighborhood September 2007

Panorama of the First Taste of the Neighborhood September 2007

By Michael Thompson

Taste of the Neighborhood 2007 Poster

The Highland Park Neighborhood celebrated the end of summer with a “Taste of the Neighborhood” event on September 15. The format was a pot -luck with residents contributing food and businesses and restaurants contributing food or gift certificates. This neighborhood event was subsidized by the Highland Park Neighborhood Association , the Rochester Area Community Foundation and the kind generosity and participation of area businesses.  Music was provided by Bobby Henrie and the Goners. This was the first time for the event which will become a yearly event judging by the attendance and enthusiasm of participants (over 250 residents and business owners, despite chilly temperatures and threats of rain). Special thanks to the committee Lori Bryce, Matt Carnavale, Ruth Danis, Meghan Delehanty-Reddington, Dave Halter, Bill Hicks, Mary Rose McBride, Tracey Mykins, Amy Priestley, Roger Ramsay, Michael Thompson and Carlene Woodward

from The Highland Park Buzz    – Volume 7, Issue 3 December 2007

Photos Courtesy Michael Thompson and Michael Tomb

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