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We are The Highland Park Neighborhood !

August 13, 2007
Neighborhood Map Published in August 2007 Buzz - Click for a Bigger Version

Neighborhood Map Published in August 2007 Buzz – Click for a Bigger Version

Reprinted from the First Issue of the Highland Park Buzz** – Volume 7 No 1 August 2007 

Late last year a proposal was  made by a member of the EBNA  board to consider changing the  neighborhood name to the Highland Park Neighborhood. It has  been recognized for a long time  that most residents in the  neighborhood do not know the  name of the area they live in is  (was) known as the Ellwanger &  Barry Neighborhood. Despite  repeated efforts over the years,  for various reasons, it was hard  to get the name to “stick” both  for residents of the neighborhood as well as for those outside the neighborhood. Reasons for proposing the change  include a better, stronger,  neighborhood identity and a  stronger geographic identity and  marketability. The board did  not want to institute a change like this without residents being behind it, so the decision was  based on input from the neighborhood. We solicited input through general meetings, e-mail  (sent to over 400 residents), a printed newsletter (delivered to 1700 households) and personal interviews. The majority are very much in favor of the new name, with straw polls at  two general meetings mirroring results of our tabulated poll with a greater than 2 to 1 margin in favor of the change.

The August 2007 Buzz -Source of Article - Click to Download

The August 2007 Buzz -Source of Article – Click to Download

The name change in no way signifies ownership of Highland Park  or any part thereof (our boundaries have not changed although we are now including the  1,000,000 groundhogs that live in the park as residents 😉 ). The intent is to instill a sense of  pride and stewardship of the area to foster positive action to preserve and protect the  neighborhood including our treasured Highland Park.often repeated sentiment we heard loud and clear during the process was a desire to  retain and highlight our historical roots in the Ellwanger & Barry Mt Hope Nursery. This  name change in no way changes our heritage. In fact, it has led a number of residents to  begin a process to actively celebrate the history of our neighborhood ***. We are in the fortunate position of having access to an unusually large and unique collection of historical records relating to the Ellwanger and Barry tract and we will be exploring ways to pull this together. If you are interested in this project please contact a member of the Highland Park  Neighborhood Association Board on page 7.  Committees are active now creating a new logo and a brochure for the neighborhood. The  city has accepted the change and we are notifying appropriate realtors and agencies.

** Formerly the Ellwanger & Barry Buzz

*** This website is one example!  Others include the renaming of the Playground at Linden & Meigs as Ellwanger & Barry Park.

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