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During the 2009 celebration of Rochester, New York’s 175th anniversary,  the Highland Park Neighborhood Association  created this “Virtual Scrapbook”  to serve its community as a resource and repository.

Here you will find our ever growing set of memories, anecdotes, photographs, clippings, vintage memorabilia, oral histories and other materials that collectively serve as a snapshot of the present day sense of our neighborhood. The intent of this  site is to capture not only history but also the day-to-day life of our residents that would otherwise go unrecorded. Residents, visitors and friends are invited to send in any contribution that features a recollection about the neighborhood and the park with which it shares a border.

For the Latest Items added to this Scrapbook, Use this Link

Recent Special Pages  include our Connections Project  Web and

a Visual History of Ellwanger & Barry Park and “The Flower City”

The Flower City

Connections @ Ellwanger & Barry Park

Connections Project: A New Series of Pages about Ellwanger & Barry Park

A Visual History of Ellwanger & Barry Park-Click to Continue

The First in a Series of Annotated Timelines based on the Exhibit “The Arboretum that Became a Neighborhood”

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This  collection and these pages are maintained by volunteers.   I
f you wish to discuss  ongoing participation  in the creation of site content,  please contact us using the email address above.

All pages are Copyright © 2009-2012,
the Highland Park Neighborhood Association as well as by the original submitters.
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